Neptune II Mask

The Neptune II mask is for use with your conventional regulator. The mask includes 3 DIN thread ports, two of which for the installation of a conventional 2nd stage regulator by removing the mouthpiece and using a specific dedicated connector. The NEPTUNE II mask has a limited lifetime warranty.

Neptune II Mask – Features

  • 180 degree field of view
  • Crystal silicone – The highest grade silicone available for a soft comfortable seal
  • Equalization system with a tri-dimensional adjustment to fit every nose shape
  • Exhaust valve features four settings, exhaust at left side, right side, both sides or no exhaust, so it is possible to direct bubbles caused by exhaling
  • Breathe comfortably and naturally through both your nose and mouth
  • Advanced air circulation prevents mask fogging and reduces CO and CO2 build-up
  • Head harness features straps directly connected to the face shield allowing the pressure to be transmitted uniformly along the mask’s skirt

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